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Suzuki INAZUMA 250 Naked Motorbike Review

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MCN overall verdict rating is 3

Due to these trying economic time, the thought of a worthy 250 commuter, a workhorse, is certainly more appealing to riders than ever before. The Inazuma fills that role brilliantly. It’s effective, idiot-proof and economical and its classy touches, badge, two-year warranty and more lift it above the general morass. The trouble is the price. We aren’t convinced that the Inazuma is cheap enough or, alternatively, sporty and appealing enough either. With a bit more poke it could have possibly have justified its price, but as it stands it needs a bit more of a sparkle.


MCN rating rating is 3
Owners' rating rating is 4

The Inazuma isn’t getting the most performance out of its 248cc parallel twin engine, it’s about delivering just enough for economic transport and no more. The motor is thoroughly modern in some aspects (water-cooling, fuel injection), yet decidedly old fashioned and ‘anti-performance’ in others (sohc, long-stroke configuration). It thrums along merrily enough, and will happily top 65mpg, but by the same token seldom excites or even makes you raise an eyebrow in anticipation…

Ride and Handling

MCN rating rating is 3
Owners' rating rating is 4

The old-school tubular frame, bog basic spindly forks and preload-adjustable rear shock are nothing to shout about and just get on with the job. I’ve no complaints on that score. But while I can respect all that, and while the Inazuma makes a thoroughly acceptable fist of transporting me along all kinds of roads, there’s virtually nothing to get excited about, either. It does the job, pleasantly, that’s it.


MCN rating rating is 3
Owners' rating rating is 4

The instruments are classy and you get a gear indicator and fuel gauge. No ABS.

Suzuki Inazuma 250 (2013-current)

Detail Value
New price £3,408
Dealer used prices
£2,740 (2013) - £3,100 (2014)
Private used prices
£2,180 (2013) - £2,790 (2014)
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Engine size 248 cc
Power 24 bhp
Top speed 85 mph
  MCN ratings Owners' ratings
Overall rating is 3 rating is 4
Engine rating is 3 rating is 4
Ride & Handling rating is 3 rating is 4
Equipment rating is 3 rating is 4
Quality & Reliability rating is 3 rating is 4.5
Value rating is 3 rating is 3.5

Quality and Reliability

MCN rating rating is 3
Owners' rating rating is 4.5

Reliability shouldn’t be an issue, finish might.


MCN rating rating is 3
Owners' rating rating is 3.5

Good, but not outstanding value.


Insurance group: n/a

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Model History

2013: Model introduced

Other Versions



Top speed 85 mph
1/4-mile acceleration secs
Max power 24 bhp
Max torque 16 ft-lb
Weight 182 kg
Seat height 780 mm
Fuel capacity 13.3 litres
Average fuel consumption 65 mpg
Tank range 188 miles
Annual road tax
Insurance group of 17
Engine size 248 cc
Engine specification Four-stroke, liquid-cooled SOHC, 8v parallel twin
Frame Tubular steel
Front suspension adjustment KYB forks, non-adjustable
Rear suspension adjustment Rear shock, adjustable spring preload
Front brakes 1x disc. two-piston caliper
Rear brake 1x disc, single-piston caliper
Front tyre size 110/80ZR17
Rear tyre size 140/70ZR17

Owners' Overall Rating rating is 4(2 reviews)

  • great little bike


    Average rating rating is 4.5

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    Ride and Handling
    Quality and Reliabilty

    Just returned from a 2000 mile trip around France on this little work horse, back box and tankbag and two 19 liter side bags plus small tent and sleeping bag , what a great!! bike and trip I had. Fuel returned 310 per tank load (90+easy) power 70mph+ allday, comfort brilliant ,these bikes are built to last and do the duty of a second bike and do this very well. Just sold my bandit dont need it any more alway on this 250 love it and running costs are second to none, great A road bike 70 all day long easy ! Great value for money and the finish is top whack had it for 9 months and still looks like new had 2 oil changes got 5k + on clock tyres and pads still ok no probs, great headlights better than most. You can get side panniers I believe maybe look into this also after market pipes mmm all my mates have had a go and they were all very surprised happy days

    13 June 2014

  • Nice bike


    Average rating rating is 3

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    Ride and Handling
    Quality and Reliabilty

    I've been using my Inazuma everyday (rain or shine) now for a year. This review seems pretty accurate. I have also read a lot of other reviews which all seem to miss the point and try compare apples with pears. Its not a ninja 300, or a Duke 390, or even a CBR250, its an inazuam 250 designed to get me to work and back efficiently and cheaply and occasionally put a smile on my face. Regarding the price tag, its actually good value if you compare the other quality options available (today, not in the 70s!!). For the job at hand, it beats a ninja, duke, CBR all day long. Its looks seem to be a question of taste. Personally i like it and without too much effort or expense it can be transformed with a decent Puig screen and some acerbis led hand guards. Add a Givi box and some heated grips and you have yourself an nice little workhorse for all year round!

    02 April 2014


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310 miles on 1 tank?

 Now thats amazing.....

For that price I'd want fork gaiters fitted to stop the rot! But then nobody pays list for a Suzi!


29 September 2014 16:10



Suzuki Inazuma

 I agree totally with the above ,the Inazuma is an excellent motorcycle.  I've had mine for just over 6 months and have found it to be reliable,economical {80 m.p.g.}, and fast enough for all practical purposes about town.  It's a pleasure to ride ,with superb balance and a very comfortable riding position.   I'm 59, and have had bikes for 40 years from Honda 70s to BMW R1100Rs, so i can speak with a bit of experience.   If your looking for a machine that you can depend upon day in day out, takes a passenger with ease and,in my opinion,actually  looks very attractive from a few angles, you wont go far wrong with the Suzuki Inazuma.

09 May 2014 13:04

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