Product advice: Are valves changed with tyres?

Q. I bought a VTR recently that still had the original, 12-year-old tyres fitted. I decided to replace them due to age and signs of perishing.

I have had the tyres replaced but today the rear valve failed in quite a spectacular way.I have realised that the valve was not replaced when the tyre was. Is this standard practice?
Robert O’Neill, email
A. When you think that the tyres were 12 years old, then so was the valve, and it had obviously become worn too.

In the car world it’s standard practice to offer valves, but the same doesn’t apply to bikes.

When bike tyres had inner tubes it was always good practice to change the tube with the tyre as the tube would have been moving around inside the tyre, wearing thinner over the miles and becoming weaker. In the same way the centrifugal forces will weaken the valve spring too.

The lesson here is not to assume it’s been done, but check they will be replaced when the tyre is.

Even if the dealer charges it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind – a replacement valve costs about £1.50.