Zero tolerance in North Yorkshire

Published: 23 April 2007

Anyone who visits or lives close to Sherburn in Elmet near Leeds just be aware that till the end of May ish (and this comes from a good source) the oh so bike friendly(not) North Yorkshire Police will be out in force every Sunday with their Zero Tolerence for bike's policy.

If you take notice of their hunting habits you'll see them from about 11am to 5pm so set off earlier and come home earlier.

The roads are quieter which is good. Or do what I do and go out on Saturday. No Coppers (must have other minority groups to arrass) and Buggerall traffic - sweet

PS the above have not relaxed their stance on illegal cans or plates, there were four traffic cars in Cawood near Sherburn alone pulling bikes in by the dozen and handing out fixed penelties.

So to finish, change your route, change your times.

Don't make it easy for them.

Ride fast but ride safe.