Yamaha announce 2008 prices

Published: 21 January 2008

Yamaha today announced their 2008 prices at their annual Dealer Conference.

Eight of Yamaha's existing models have had their prices reduced, including the FZ1, XT660X, and the MT-01. The prices for all of Yamaha's new 2008 models, such as the YZF-R125 and WR250X have also been released.

The updated prices for the existing models are as follows:

Model          New RRP    Reduction 
FZ1             £6,999       £200
MT-01          £8,999      £350 (new model)
XT660X        £4,799      £100
YBR125       £1,849       £150
Cygnus X     £1,999       £200
Jog RR        £1,699       £200
Aerox R       £1,999       £200
Aerox R(sv) £2,099       £100 (Special versions)

  • Click here to view the full 2008 price list for Yamaha




  • The Yamaha YZF-R125 is just one of Yamaha's new motorcycles for 2008