Fancy a spring clean for your motorcycle courtesy of MCN?

Published: 05 March 2008

MCN is looking to help out one lucky reader by getting their motorcycle freshened up by the experts at BSD Engineering and ready for spring.

Any motorcycle that’s had a winter lay-off can be entered.

Every bike will need a look over before it heads out onto the roads for the first time, and we’re offering this for free to one lucky reader.

The offer is open to anyone with a bike over 600cc in capacity who lives within about 20 miles of Peterborough.

We’ll pick your motorcycle up and take it to BSD where it will have expert eyes check it out.

The motorcycle will get an oil and filter change and a general check over so the next ride out will be on a freshly-fettled bike.


Then all you need to do is email by 10pm on tuesday, March 11, 2008.