Picture gallery: Thomas Harvey Racer

Published: 28 November 2008

Thomas Harvey’s Racer is designed to run a Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 or 1200cc Evolution engine, but the firm will fit other engines depending on customer’s specifications.

Buying a complete bike from the firm will set you back £13,000, but it offers a basic rolling chassis kit for £4000 so you can build your own. The kit comprises frame, tank, wheels, bars, seat base, springer forks, bearing cups, top-yoke risers, and oil tank. You provide your own engine, electrics, levers, paint, and even brakes.

“We’re trying to create an original bike, not a replica. We want to make something with a big engine that goes very fast,” Thomas says.

The firm even plans to launch a range of authentic period clothing, including a woollen jersey, flat-track style goggles, and leather cap.