Akrapovic exhausts for new Suzuki GSX-R1000

Published: 20 April 2009

If you’ve bought, or are on the verge of buying, a 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000 and are hankering for some new pipe work then Akrapovic has four different exhaust slip-ons that will be available later this year, all with differing styles and advantages.

Contact: www.performanceparts-ltd.com or 0870-240-2118.

Titanium Megaphone £449
This neat combo slip-on may not be road legal but it does have removable dB baffles that keep them within noise level limits. Weight reduction figures are expected to be healthy over the standard silencers and power increase is a claimed 5bhp.

Conical Slip On £1124
Available with a titanium cone finish with carbon outlet caps, the Conical option is fully road legal with removable baffles. Power increase is again a claimed 5bhp at peak revs. But Akrapovic are also suggesting a large increase in torque between 5000 and 8000rpm.

Hexagonal Slip On £1091
This is the silencer choice of the Crescent British Superbike Suzuki team. The silencers are fully road legal and come with removable baffles. Power increase and torque improvements are the same claimed figures as the Conical slip-ons.

Hexagonal Slip On Single Silencer £567
There is also a single silencer option of the hexagonal style, which does away with the catalytic converter. It has a removable baffle but is not road legal. Power increase is a claimed 8bhp and the torque improvement between 5000 and 8000rpm is higher than any other model here.

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