Kawasaki GTR1400 recall

Published: 23 January 2009

Kawasaki is recalling GTR1400 tourers for work on the area around the rear brake pedal.

Owners of machines that require the modification are being contacted and asked to contact their local franchised Kawasaki dealer in order to arrange the fitting of a new part.

The reason for the recall is that, on some units of GTR1400 under certain riding conditions, a small stone could become trapped between the rear brake master cylinder rod and rear brake pedal.

This can prevent the rear brake from fully releasing and, in the most extreme circumstance, cause the rear brake to overheat and possibly lock the rear wheel.

The repair consists of installing a rear brake pedal cover which will take around 20 minutes to complete. Kawasaki dealers will be carrying out the necessary work free of charge.

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