Motoairbag waistcoat

Published: 21 May 2009

A new waistcoat with a built-in airbag system claims to revolutionise bike safety. The Motoairbag automatically inflates when the wearer leaves the seat during an accident.

The waistcoat is fastened to the rider’s body with adjustable straps. The waistcoat is worn over normal riding gear and attaches the rider to the seat of the bike with a cable and hook.

To activate the system needs to feel a certain amount of force on the cable. So if you forget to unhook the cable before getting off your motorcycle, it won't accidentally inflate and amuse your mates.   

In a hypothetical accident at 30mph, the Motoairbag will inflate to full capacity after travelling only 110cm. This protects the biker’s entire spinal column from the nape of the neck to the coccyx. The waistcoat remains inflated for more than one minute before gradually deflating. There is a recharge kit so you can use the waistcoat again, provided it survived the accident.

The Motoairbag weighs only 1400 grams. A high-pressure CO2 gas canister uses pure cold expansion technology to inflate the waistcoat rapidly – within 80-85 milliseconds.

The Motoairbag is available in black and red in a variety of sizes. For more information visit