Guy Martin: “I'm alright boy”

Published: 14 June 2010

Guy Martin has spoken exclusively to MCN following his massive crash in Friday's Dainese senior TT.

Martin crashed at Ballagarey, early in the third lap, leading to the first ever red flag in the senior.

Just five hours after the finish of the restarted Senior TT, and about eight hours after his horrendous crash, Martin said: “I’m alright boy. I’ve done two vertebrae – but nothing that’s serious. I bust a bunch of ribs, collapsed a lung and twisted both my ankles. I’m a bit sore but I’m fine.  

“I woke up and realised all my limbs were still on. I could feel my fingers and toes but I couldn’t move that well. I could feel the vertebrae were not right,  but it could have been a lot worse."

Read the full story and everything Guy had to say in this week's MCN, on sale Wednesday 16 June 2010.