Suzi Perry: 'I will follow you for money'

Published: 14 March 2011

Can a price be put on Suzi Perry’s attention? Thanks to Comic Relief it can – and in a way that currently ranks her as bigger than Stephen Fry, Fearne Cotton or Leona Lewis.

Every biker’s favourite old flame will follow you on Twitter, give you one of her bike jackets and get you into Silverstone MotoGP, meet Alvaro Bautista and get various other Suzuki-related perks, and all in return for mere money.

**STOP PRESS** BSB season passes NOW thrown in too! Alex Briggs, Rossi's lead mechanic is now throwing in a Ducati surprise to the auction bid! **STOP PRESS**

Never mind the fact her follow will throw you into a bout of tweet constipation the like of which you’ll never have experienced, you’re probably not her size and you support Valentino not Bautista, it’s all for charity and we’d love to see her go for more than, say, JLS or Claudia Winkelman.

Bid now!