What not to buy a motorcyclist at Christmas

Published: 27 November 2016

We've all had them, rubbish motorcycle-related gifts at Christmas from relatives that know little to nothing about bikes. Of course you put on a smile and say thank you, but deep down you're wondering how to get rid of it.


Motorcycle slippers
You know the kind - those huge novelty slippers almost as big as basketballs. They might be warm, but that's what central heating was invented for and it's only a matter of time until the dog takes a disliking to them and you return home to their dismembered corpses. We're happy with the ones we liberated from the last hotel we visited.

The big book of motorcycling
If you want to get them a book, try and find out what specific type of bikes they're into - chances are there'll be something interesting in there and facts they weren't aware of. The book that covers all of motorcycling will just go to the back of the cupboard and straight in the next charity bag that gets put through the letter box. 

This might seem like a good gift, but if the quality of the tools is sub par then it could do more harm than good. Coatings will flake, they'll rust, break and, at worst, damage your motorcycles. You know how the saying goes; you get what you pay for.

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Crash DVDs
In the age of the internet and Youtube these are pretty much irrelevant. It doesn't matter how many clips will be on these, we'll have seen them before. For free. That and watching other motorcyclists fall off isn't a favoured past time for most riders. 

Bike clothing
This is ok if you know what the recipient wants, but if you don't and you also don't know what's good you could end up presenting them with something pretty terrible. If you know they're after some new gear, a gift voucher would be a much wiser choice.

Don't worry though, we've got you covered. There are thousands of excellent motorcycle products on the MCN Shop if you need a present for your motorcycling family member of friend.


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