Limited edition Busa revealed

Published: 01 May 2007

Suzuki has launched a limited edition version of the Hayabusa with a unique colour scheme.

The “Pearl Glass While” colour has only been available in America before, and even there it was only sold in limited numbers, so you’re guaranteed exclusivity with only 120 in this colour being offered in the UK.

The bikes also get a “Limited” plaque on the top yoke.

Otherwise identical to the stock Busa, the bike comes in at the same £8,649 price.
Suzuki GB marketing manager, Paul de Lusignan, said: “With only 120 of these models available, and retailing with the same recommended price of the standard model at £8,649, this bike is expected to sell fast.”

Despite its limited-edition status, the bike is included in Suzuki’s current PCP offer, which offers low monthly payments and a guaranteed final value.

See your Suzuki dealer for more details on the offer.