BSB Blog: Will Harris ever win in BSB?

Published: 05 May 2009

Oulton Park went down as Karl Harris’ best ever BSB race weekend.

The 29-year-old Hydrex Honda rider has never lacked raw speed or determination but despite this is yet to win a BSB race from 111 starts.

His two second places behind the impressive Leon Camier looked both assured and controlled, something that he has lacked in the past.

Instead of pushing for the win regardless of the consequences, Harris pushed Camier hard but didn’t over do it and in the end was rewarded with two second places and 40 valuable points.

The big question now is when or if he will win his first race.

In Supersport he was a habitual victor so he knows how to do it and he knows what it takes.

Now he needs to find a way to harness his raw speed without losing the instinct that makes him fast.

His Hydrex team and race boss Shaun Muir also have to take credit in Harris’ weekend results.

In racing, confidence rules and the Hydrex Honda team have shown just how much they want to be winning in BSB by giving their riders the right tools and staff for the job.

This is being backed up by Harris’s team-mate Stuart Easton who had double podium potential for the second round in succession at Oulton.

Right now Hydrex are pushing HM Plant Honda for the accolade of top Honda team in BSB and for the HRC backed official HM Plant Honda squad this is an unprecedented situation.

Right now the battle for supremacy between the two Honda squads is raging and out of the four riders in the two teams, Harris, Easton, Glen Richards and Josh Brookes incredibly none of them have ever won a BSB race.

What do you think? Will Harris or his other Honda rivals win a race this year and who will be the top Honda team come the end of the 2009 season?

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