Journalist's mishap with Nicky Hayden's MotoGP Honda

Published: 07 November 2007

At Valencia a select number of journalists have been given the chance to ride the MotoGP machines of the 2007 season.

You'll be able to see updates from MCN's Michael Neeves on this site, and also in MCN, November 14, 2007, but in the meantime, spare a though for this unamed European journalist who had a pitlane mishap with Nicky Hayden's Honda RCV MotoGP machine.


  • Dropping Nicky Hayden's RCV in the Valencia pitlane. Pic by "Cello"
  • Anyone who has dropped a motorcycle at a standstill will have some sympathy. Pic by "Cello"
  • You'd be tempted to just run away! Pic by "Cello"
  • We're sure it will polish out. Pic by "Cello"