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Cagiva RAPTOR 650 Naked Motorbike Review

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Cagiva Raptor 650 motorcycle review - Riding
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MCN overall verdict rating is 3

The Cagiva Raptor 650's smart Italian style plus a reliable Japanese engine equals a cool, capable light/middle weight all round motorcycle. It’s a blast on back roads but long motorway journeys can be blustery. It’s an extremely unusual bike – imported by Dorset dealer Three Cross Motorcycles.


MCN rating rating is 4
Owners' rating rating is 5

The Cagiva Raptor 650's engine is lifted straight from Suzuki’s SV650 but with fueling mods which make the power delivery smoother and it feels faster thanks to lower gearing. It’s a cracking engine – there’s pleasingly lumpy character at low revs and it’ll make that distinctive twin noise but the mid range’s smooth and it revs high enough for a little rush at the top of the tacho.

Ride and Handling

MCN rating rating is 4
Owners' rating rating is 5

You sit very low in the Cagiva Raptor 650 – great for shorter folk but it’s too low for urban riding. Out of town it’s a nifty mover – light weight and wide bars keep it nimble while comparatively conservative geometry means it’s stable. Great brakes – noticeably better than the SV.


MCN rating rating is 3
Owners' rating rating is 4

The Cagiva Raptor 650 has not a lot of surplus kit but on a bike like this you don’t need it. The riding position’s surprisingly comfy and the small fairing from 2005 on reduces bullying from the wind blast at higher speeds. A removable seat hump is a nice touch and up-side down forks are rarely seen at this price level.

Cagiva Raptor 650 (2003-current)

Detail Value
New price £4,999
Used price range View Cagiva RAPTOR 650 bikes for sale to see current asking prices
Engine size 645 cc
Power 69 bhp
Top speed 125 mph
Insurance group 10 of 17
  MCN ratings Owners' ratings
Overall rating is 3 rating is 5
Engine rating is 4 rating is 5
Ride & Handling rating is 4 rating is 5
Equipment rating is 3 rating is 4
Quality & Reliability rating is 2 rating is 5
Value rating is 4 rating is 5

Quality and Reliability

MCN rating rating is 2
Owners' rating rating is 5

We’re being harsh with a ‘2’ here – not because the Cagiva Raptor 650 is a bad motorcycle, an unreliable motorcycle or a poorly built motorcycle. The problem is dealer back up or, more specifically, the lack of it. If you want parts and specialist servicing knowledge, you’ll probably have to travel. Finish is patchy but no worse than many Japanese bikes.


MCN rating rating is 4
Owners' rating rating is 5

This is a competitive sector of the market where seasonal discounts can take 25% or more of bikes’ prices. The Cagiva Raptor 650’s a few hundred quid more than most competitors – but arguably worth it for the exclusivity, decent brakes and standard Pirelli tyres. Can be a real bargain used. Find a Cagiva Raptor 650 for sale.


Insurance group: 10 of 17

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Model History

2000: Cagiva Raptor 650 launched.
2005: Fuel injection headlight fairing, black frame and wheels.

Other Versions

Cagiva V-Raptor 650: A fraction more power, more radical riding position and a futuristic front cowling. Rarer than hen’s teeth with gold fillings.


Top speed 125 mph
1/4-mile acceleration 13 secs
Max power 69 bhp
Max torque 46 ft-lb
Weight 180 kg
Seat height 775 mm
Fuel capacity 19 litres
Average fuel consumption 42 mpg
Tank range 175 miles
Annual road tax
Insurance group 10 of 17
Engine size 645 cc
Engine specification 8v V-twin, 6 gears
Frame Tubular steel lattice
Front suspension adjustment None
Rear suspension adjustment Preload
Front brakes Twin 300mm discs
Rear brake 220mm disc
Front tyre size 120/70 x 17
Rear tyre size 160/60 x 17

Owners' Overall Rating rating is 4.5(1 review)

  • Recently aquired I'm still getting used to this bike. First impressions - good.


    Average rating rating is 4.5

    Show Details

    Ride and Handling
    Quality and Reliabilty

    Bought my example in Sept 05 with 3.5k miles and in great condition. Prev' owner has fitted some fruity sounding Remus end cans. First test ride and I knew I was going to buy it. I've owned over 40 bikes sinces starting out with a Puch Maxi moped in 1972. So I know a good bike when I see one. This is the only 650 Raptor I've seen ever - the 1000 sold in greater numbers but I've read elsewhere there are only about 50 carburettor models in existence in the UK. With the onset of winter I only managed a few hundred miles - it goes well, very well, stops even better, steers where you put it. No Japanese bike I've ever owned or ridden has been this good except a well sorted NC30 Honda and that made me grin from ear to ear as well. Even the wife can ride the Raptor and feel confident although the performance is more than she's used to. Only mod so far was to fit a genuine Cagiva touring screen without which the windblast at higher speeds is uncomfortable. Strengths: Plenty of torque and power - it easily takes the weight of a passenger - makes no difference to the performance and improves the ride quality as solo suspension is a bit firm -typical Italian I suppose. Weaknesses: Possibly this is going to be a bit thirstier than I'd expect but I haven't taken an accurate reading yet - just been enjoying the performance - it's such fun which is what bikes should be about. It's the best bike I've owned since had a YPVS 350.

    20 January 2006


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