LeoVince unleash Yamaha WR125 exhaust

Published: 19 November 2009

Yamaha's single cylinder WR125 models have been given a big boost in the power and looks department with these new LeoVince exhausts.

These sub-£3K Yamaha 125cc learner bikes are great fun to ride but don’t offer the same growl as larger capacity supermoto machines.

LeoVince's new slip-on is the answer. 

In the shape of their slim SBK-Factory silencer, the exhaust is finished with a brushed aluminium casing, 60mm tailpipe, genuine carbon fibre support strap, stainless link pipe and lightweight mounting kit.  

Exhausts are suitable for both 'R' and 'X' models, very easy to fit, and are supplied 'ready to ride' with no additional setting up required. 

They are manufactured to LeoVince EVOII specification so they’re completely road legal, but with added advantage of removable sound baffle.

There’s an average 10 per cent power gain, especially where it matters in the mid range around 3500 to 6000rpm.

Torque is also up 10 per cent, plus a 25 per cent reduction in weight.

All yours for just £262 inc vat.

And if that's not enough, there is also the optional LeoVince SBK-Decat conversion, which replaces the front header pipe and that power-sapping catalyst.

It’s made from 100 per cent high grade stainless and supplied with full mounting kit, together with carbon fibre kick shield in the price. 

The Decat is £131 including VAT.

Both parts together make a complete replacement system for £393.

Contact: 0845-094-1934 or www.moto.gb.com.