Top 5 used sports bikes of the year

Published: 04 June 2009

MCN readers have voted on what they think is the best used sports bike overall in the MCN Biking Britain survey. Here's the top 5 rated machines.   

The ranking is based on ratings owners gave their bikes in areas such as handling, reliabilty and rider comfort. All 5 bikes below scored over 90% overall.

Here's the sports bikes to look out for in MCN Bikes for sale:

Honda CBR600RR

5. Honda CBR600RR (2007-2008)
"Honda hit back hard with the track focused CBR600RR. They want their 600 crown back and it seems they did it. They’ve rectified the old motorcycle’s weak points, namely lack of midrange and weight. The 07 Honda CBR600RR was the lightest in the class when new, and has good midrange and razor sharp handling."


Ducati 848

4. Ducati 848 (2007-current)
"The Ducati 848 isn’t just a small 1098, it’s much more than that. The 848 is a proper fast (top speed is 166mph), fine-handling, gorgeous Ducati superbike in its own right. It’s no longer the poor relation to its big brother, like the 748 and 749 used to be. Although the more powerful 1098 is faster in a straight line and around a track, in the real world the Ducati 848 is every bit as fast."


Triumph 675

3. Triumph Daytona 675 (2006-2008)
"The Triumph Daytona 675 has put Hinckley firm back on the shortlist of many UK sports motorcycle riders, who previously rated the 600 and 650 Daytona models as being OK, but no real alternative to a Japanese four cylinder 600cc sportbikes. Silky, compact handling, allied to kick-ass engine power and a howling exhaust note, make the Triumph Daytona 675 a real winner on the road, or track."


Honda SP-2

2. Honda SP-2 (2000-current)
"The Honda SP-2 was built to prove a point; that the world's number one bike maker could beat Ducati on the track, using a V-twin. Sadly, that makes the Honda SP-2 less satisfying, because it has an on/off fuelling set up, too much power for the chassis and a cramped riding position. On the upside, the Honda SP-2 is beautifully made, sounds awesome and makes 90% of riders look faster than they really are."


Ducati 1098

1. Ducati 1098 (2007-current)
"This is the Ducati we’d been waiting for since the original Ducati 916. It’s a Duke in the truest form. Blood red, stunning to look at and absolutely pure in its purpose. It was a long time coming but it finally looks like Ducati has built a sports bike that can run with the best. The Ducati 1098 finally stands for what a Ducati motorycle means - pure unadulterated sports bike heaven."


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