Suzuki B-King set to be world's most powerful naked motorcycle

Published: 26 June 2007

Suzuki’s new B-King looks set to be officially crowned the world’s most powerful naked motorcycle when its specifications are revealed next week.

The figures for the B-King motorcycle have been a tightly guarded secret, but now insiders say the power, as rated on type-approval papers for the Suzuki motorcycle, has been set at 184bhp.

That’s 2bhp more than the latest Suzuki GSX-R1000 makes at the crank, and the Suzuki B-King manages the figure at far lower revs and offers a huge amount of extra torque.

The peak of 184bhp comes at 9500rpm, while the torque – an arm-wrenching 108ftlb – peaks at just 7200rpm. That’s a full 22ftlb more than a Suzuki GSX-R1000 can offer, and it’s all available nearly 3000rpm lower in the rev-range. To cope with that much power, and the motorcycle’s expected weight of around 240kg, the Suzuki B-King has tyres specially developed for it.

With figures like that it’s no surprise Suzuki has opted to give the B-King motorcycle two power modes, selectable from a switch on the fuel tank. For wet weather, or if you’re not in the mood, the power can be slashed, probably down to below 150bhp, although the figure for the low-power mode is not yet known.

Look out for more detailed information on the Suzuki B-King’s specifications in next week’s MCN, out July 4, 2007. In the meantime you can watch video of the first ride, and Suzuki's first official advert for the B-King motorcycle below.