Bright lights save lives | Be seen with Weiser Motorcycle lighting

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As bikers, we know the importance of being seen by other road users. From hi-viz vests to LEDs in helmets, there are plenty of products on the market designed to make you stand out. But Weiser Technik have an innovative solution that either upgrades your indicators or adapts what you already have.

First up, the LED Technology/Multifunction indicators replace the OE units with new lights that use uprated LEDs for ten times the brightness of the factory versions.

A complete replacement kit for the factory-fit indicator units on your motorcycle. Remember to filter by your exact model and year.

The front units use 12 white LEDs as running lights combined with 12 amber ones for the indicator function while the rear uses 12 red LEDs as running lights that intensify under braking. The rear lights also have 12 amber LEDs for the indicator function.

The driving lights come on with the bike’s ignition and are always on until you indicate.  Then, when you indicate, the driving light goes out on the relevant side and flashes amber. Cancel your turn signal and the driving light comes back on.

At the rear, these products work alongside your existing brake light, so you have three brake lights for maximum safety. The brake light goes out on the indicating side when you want to signal and the indicator illuminates. Cancel the indicator and the brake light will come back on. The system is designed to give priority to the indicators when they are activated and the hazard lights will operate as normal.

The system is predominantly aimed at BMWs but also fits some Aprilia, KTM, Triumph and Zero models and more. Installation takes 1.5 to 2 hours backed up by full installation guides and videos online.

Key features:

  • CANbus compatible, no-fault code guaranteed
  • Simple installation
  • Four-year manufacturing warranty
  • OSRAM automotive LED’s
  • HEXezCAN and Denali CANsmart compatible

Weiser Wizard “Dongles”

If you like the idea of the Weiser system but you’d rather keep your existing hardware, then the plug-and-play Weiser Wizard “dongle” could be for you.

Re-sequence your existing hardware to improve the clarity of your indication. Remember to filter by your exact make and model.

Designed for BMW R1250GS/A 2021-24, BMW R1300GS 2024+, S Series R/RR/XR 2020+, all BMW M Series models 2023+ and BMW F900GS 2024+ models fitted with OEM multifunction indicators, the Wizard adds extra clarity to the existing lighting.

The unit re-sequences the lighting outputs of your bike to remove any ambiguity and make it clear to other road users what you’re going to do next. The rear indicators work normally as both red running and brake lights until the indicator is activated. When an indicator is activated (on either side) the module cancels out both the running and brake lights leaving only the amber indicator light clearly visible on that side.

The Front indicator modules cancel out the “always on” low level amber day/nighttime running lights. The indicators activate as normal when required, clearly and with no ambiguity.

Weiser Wizard BMW S1000XR rear indicator

Key Features:

  • Retains original indicators
  • 100% plug-and-play (no additional wiring required)
  • Quick easy install (no reprograming required)
  • 100% CANbus compatible
  • Four-year manufacturing warranty

Installation instructions and videos can be found on the Weiser website by using the following link:

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