Tried and tested: Momo Firegun 3 boots review

Sometimes, you want some protection but you don’t want the bulk, the stiffness or the warmth of a pair of high-leg boots. You may be out on a summer ride or for a short blast and want something light and comfortable. You might be out in your favourite slim-fit riding jeans and don’t want to tuck them inside a tall sports boot. In which case, a pair of short, more urban boots are what you’re looking for. And these Momo Firegun 3s are a nice option.

First things first – their protection level is not as high as some but they are CE rated, at 1-1-1-1 – they score a basic pass in all areas of assessment; the first digit indicates they are a short design. The second is for abrasion resistance, the third impact cut and the fourth, transverse rigidity. This means that they will protect your feet but not as well as boots with a higher rating. But if you are aware of that and accept it, then let’s move on.

They are made by Italian motorsport giant Momo (everyone wanted a Momo steering wheel in their car back in the day and no memory of the Le Mans 24 Hours is complete without a bright red, Momo-branded Ferrari). They are a sneaker-style boot that will go under the slimmest of slim-fit jeans and work as well off the bike as on it.

Price: 134.98 (was £189.99)


  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Comfortable on and off the bike
  • Good feel and reassurance


  • Basic passes for CE rating

They are superbly comfortable, though you do need to get the size right. I usually take a EU44 in motorcycle boots but these were way too big for me and I swapped down to a 43 which fit as I would have expected the larger size to – definitely try before you buy if you can.

Getting them on is easy – the quick-release fastener on the laces allows them to be released fully and the tongue extended to let the foot slide in easily, with a loop to pull them on at the back as well as one on the top of the tongue. The laces can be pulled in quickly and easily and fixed with the fastener and the excess laces and the fastener itself stowed in the laces ‘garage’ at the top of the tongue. Job done…

Once on, they actually feel quite reassuring. They are flexible enough to walk or use on the bike without any real issues – the only thing I noticed was the top of the tongue and the uppermost laces dig into the front of the foot slightly if you do them up too tight but this improves if you just ease off the laces a little. On the bike, they allow the foot to move easily and naturally on the gear and brake levers and work in all riding positions, from upright to sports tuck.

Momo Firegun 3 toe

Off the bike, they are also all-day comfortable. You could easily ride to work in these and then, wear them all day and ride home – they look like ankle sneakers, not motorcycle boots. You could also wear them out on a ride where you might be getting on and off the bike and wandering around visiting landmarks or at a bike meet and soon forget you’re wearing riding boots at all.

They are described as waterproof and while I’d never consider wearing these if the weather was particularly wet, they have kept my feet dry in occasional showers, which is reassuring. Even the best-laid plans can be interrupted by a traditional British summer downpour halfway through the ride to keep things interesting. The upper is also breathable to allow you to stay cool on the bits of the outing when it is not raining…

Even though the sole is flexible front to back to allow that movement on the bike and for walking, it is very rigid across the foot, thanks to the protection from the ZPLATE shank stiffening it. There are TPU inserts over the ankles and the malleolus while the heel cup feels very solid and the toe cup, almost as much.

Momo Firegun 3 ankle protection


If you get past the basic passes in the CE rating, these are pretty good boots. They actually feel protective on – they are chunky and rigid where they need to be, but are comfortable and work really well on the bike as well as off it. The waterproof membrane is very handy and the fact it is also breathable means that your feet don’t get sweaty. If you’re happy with the slightly weird name, they are a good option.

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