The thigh's the limit: Best motorcycle leg bags

Sometimes, the clobber you have to carry with you on your motorcycle gets in the way – and a motorcycle leg bag could be the answer.

It might just be a phone, wallet, bunch of keys and a pack of smokes, for example but it’s too much to comfortably get in your trouser or jacket pockets because there either isn’t room or it all gets a bit too cumbersome or uncomfortable.

But that much stuff isn’t enough to make a rucksack necessary – who wants a ruckie with little more than pocket contents in it flapping around as your ride?

You could fit a tailpack or a tankbag of course but again, they may be overkill for what you need and you might not like the effect they have on the look of the bike, the way it rides or even how they can get in the way when you try to get on and off.

In these cases, a leg bag can be very useful. Sitting against your upper thigh, they have a touch of military sidearm holster to them but for a reason – they remain in easy reach and are capable of housing all the essentials you might need with you on a ride, from a short blast for fun to a longer tour.

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One of the great things is that they are accessible from a seated position when you’re on the bike as well as when you’re off the bike, walking around, though clearly, the ‘top’ will be in a different position depending on whether you’re standing or sat on the bike, so bear that in mind when you load it or open it to get at your phone…

There are plenty on the market but here is a selection of our favourites.

This huge leg bag from Joqineer is Amazon's Choice and get great reviews online from users. It has a capacity that expands from 2.8 litres to 5.6 litres, meaning it can carry a vast amount of clobber.

It will, according to the manufacturer, house water bottles, tickets and passports, keys, sunglasses and more. It’s made from heavy-duty 1680D fabric with a long, angled waistband and has a mesh back to allow your leg to breathe.


  • Huge capacity
  • Angled belt for comfort
  • Mesh backing for breathability


  • Perhaps too large

It's no surprise that Italian motorcycle luggage specialist Givi has a selection of leg bags available and this is one of its lower-priced examples. Using a simple adjustable nylon webbed belt, it sits over your trousers or can hang from your existing belt and the adjustable thigh strap fits over the top of your trousers to hold it snug against your leg.

It is made from soft nylon and is large enough to house a phone, paperwork and wallet with ease. It also features Givi’s trademark zip tabs for use with gloves on.


  • Great value
  • Use with or without existing belt
  • Adjustable for different types of clothing


  • Limited capacity

Price: $21.59

There's more than just a hint of military styling to this leg bag, which in addition to black and khaki, is also available in a range of camouflage colour schemes, so donu2019t forget where you put it down.

There is a wide webbing waist belt and a slimmer, adjustable thigh strap with two compartments in the main body, covered by a single lid. There are also external pouches and a separate section for sunglasses and snap-rings for hanging keys, for example.


  • Large capacity
  • Flexibility with various compartments
  • Looks comfortable with wide belt and padding


  • Looks very military

For riders that are born to be bad, then a leather (or, as in this case, PU leather) waist pack leg bag could be the right choice. This can be worn in different ways, including across the shoulders and as a kind of rucksack affair with cross-straps behind the back but like this as a leg bag makes more sense.

It has several separate compartments and is available in the red/brown shown or black.


  • Suit a cruiser or custom bike well
  • Can be worn in different ways
  • Makes a statement


  • Not to everyone’s taste

Price: $53.33

This small 1-litre quoted capacity leg bag from British luggage and kit giant Oxford is made from heavyweight 420D ripstop nylon and comes with an adjustable waist belt and leg strap for comfort over various types of trouser.

There are two compartments, each secured with water-resistant zips that have pull-tabs for use with gloves and each has a waterproof lining, to keep contents dry.


  • Waterproof zips and linings
  • Easy to wear
  • Adjustable waist and leg straps


  • Limited capacity

This stylish leg bag from Italian manufacturer Kappa comes with an adjustable waist strap but also, a large loop to attach to any belt you're already wearing and an adjustable, quick-release thigh strap.

It has a capacity of two litres in two separate compartments with a large main section and a smaller, front pocket. The main section has two-way zips so the opening can be positioned at the top of the bag when seated or standing and there is an internal mobile phone pocket.


  • Big pull tabs on zips
  • Stylish and subtle
  • Decent capacity


  • Not waterproof

Made of TPU plastic, it features welded seams for total waterproofing and the roll-top closure means all water stays out. The top is secured with snap clasps at the end and a strap over the top and it comes with waist and thigh straps.


  • Completely waterproof
  • Great value
  • Inoffensive and subtle


  • Limited capacity
Price: $45.99

This small leg bag from luggage specialists Shad is formed in a similar shape to the company's panniers and hangs low from a normal belt and can be quickly removed as necessary.

It has a small capacity of 0.5 litres (there’s a larger two-litre version also available) but the internal compartments will keep contents safe without it getting too bulky.


  • Stylish and subtle
  • Low profile against leg
  • Larger bag available if necessary


  • Needs belt to hang from

Price: $37.86

This LA8 leg bag from luggage expert SW-Motech can be used on its own or joined to other items from the manufacturer using the MOLLE attachment system. When used as a leg bag, this LA8 bag fits to the LA1 holster base (purchased separately, £14.81) and is part of the brand's Legends range for retro and heritage bikes.

It has a reasonably small 1.25-litre capacity and comes with a waterproof rain cover.


  • Stylish
  • Adaptable system
  • Look good on a retro


  • Must buy separate items

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