Tried and tested: Lomo 20L Rollbag review

Sometimes, if you’re heading out on a long trip or a short tour, you need some simple luggage to cart your stuff with you. You might not want to wear a rucksack or fit semi-permanent luggage, like panniers or a topbox, to your bike. In this case, a rollbag like this one from Lomo will fit the bill perfectly.

Experience shows that a 20-litre rollbag will just about fit enough gear for a night away; a pair of trainers, jeans, a t-shirt and hoodie, a small wash kit and spare base layers and gloves. Not masses but enough for an overnighter.

And while there are plenty of rollbags around, with a variety of features, this one from Lomo is of incredible value and does a great job of keeping your gear dry.


  • Completely watertight
  • Versatile
  • Amazing value


  • Nothing

Lomo is primarily a manufacturer of wetsuits and aquatic-activity drybags but saw an opportunity with motorcycle luggage and used its experience to begin producing a variety of products.

One of the first was a rollbag which is now available in either 20L or 40L flavours. The 20-litre version is a cylinder and loads from the end but this doesn’t hamper access to contents at all – it’s wide enough to get your kit in and house a pair of trainers, for example, without any problems. However, like packing a rucksack, remember that first-in is last-out.

The rollbag is formed from PVC tarpaulin material and features welded seams for complete waterproofing with a roll-top closure with retaining straps and clips.


The company even says that it will survive brief immersions in water and in the time I’ve used it, it has remained completely dry in some pretty nasty conditions. It comes with a carry handle and a pair of loops on either side of the handle to allow a bungee cord or strap to pass through, to lash it to the bike and prevent it from moving or coming loose.

It doesn’t come with any fixings, so you’ll need something like a pair of ROK straps to hold it to the bike and it is most stable if fitted across the top of a pair of panniers or on a wide seat.

The Lomo rollbag is undoubtedly basic. But this shouldn’t detract from its abilities; indeed, its strength is that the effort has gone into making it waterproof like the rest of the company’s products and adapting it to motorcycle use and it works superbly well. It is also of exceptional value.



If you want a no-frills way to keep your gear dry on your bike, then this rollbag from Lomo will do the job. It performs exceptionally well, is of incredible value and is versatile.

There are larger bags available in the range but this will hold enough for an overnighter and you only need some straps to fix it to the bike. So impressive, I’m going to buy two more for beach kayaking and paddleboarding excursions.

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