Huge savings on Muc-Off, S100, Rhino Goo and more | MCN's guide to the best deals on cleaning kit

Cleaning a motorbike is a relentless chore for some and one of life’s simple pleasures for others. Whether you’re a fastidious detailer or a rinse-and-go rider, having the right kit will always make the job easier.

Best deals at a glance

And because so many retailers are competing for your cash these days, you can almost guarantee that someone will have a deal on their cleaner at any given time. In this page, we’ll keep you up to date on where the best motorbike cleaning bargains are to be had.

Save 15%

Price: £62.98 (was £74.99)
S100's excellent bike cleaner isn't the cheapest on the market but it's the 'king of bike cleaners' according to MCN Deputy Editor, Emma Franklin.

Save 23%

Everything you need to get your bike gleaming, plus a handy carry case to keep it all in.

Save 25%

Price: £7.99 (was £10.62)
An effective spray on, wash off bike cleaner that MCN Editor, Rich Newland said was 'seriously good at lifting dirt' when he gave it 4 stars.

Save 36%

You can't get too excited about microfibre cloths but this is a good deal to stock up for the foreseeable. They're the standard type and at 40x40cm they're a good size, too.

Save 40%

Price: $54.99
Alternative Retailers
Stock up on Muc-Off for a while with this 5-litre tub from Amazon.

Save 33%

Price: £26.99 (was £40)
Get a whole 10l of Rhino Goo's excellent bike cleaner for just £2.70/litre in this great deal from Demon Tweeks!

Save 25%

Price: £29.99 (was £39.99)
A minty scent is the feature you didn't know you wanted in your bike cleaner. A massive saving from Sportsbike Shop on 10l of Oxford Mint cleaner here.

Save 25%

A comprehensive kit containing everything you need to clean and protect your bike from the popular Muc-Off brand. Currently a quarter off at Amazon.

Save 10%

Price: £15.98 (was £17.99)
S100 (also known as Dr Wack and formerly SDoc 100) make some of the best cleaning products around. They're not the cheapest though, so it helps when they're on offer.

Save 20%

Price: £12.87 (was £16.99)
Make mincemeat of all those hard to reach areas with this brush set. It beats skinning your knuckles trying to force a sponge where it doesn't want to go any day!

Save 30%

Price: £6.29 (was £8.99)
All bike garages should have a tin of brake cleaner knocking around and it's one of those commodities that is much of a muchness between brands so grab a bargain when you can!

Save 33%

Another brush kit to tackle your bike's nooks and crannies, this time from much-loved brand Muc-Off.

Save 30%

ACF-50 is a firm favourite in MCN Towers as it not only prevents rust, it attacks any that's already formed. Used sparingly (it gets sticky if you put too much on), this 32oz bottle should last a while! It'll make the job of cleaning much quicker next time, too.

Save 30%

Price: £6.55 (was £9.99)
Your lid may not get as much grime and dirt in summer as it does in winter, but bug splats and dust from the road will still get it pretty minging. Save a third on this cleaning spray from experts Motul.

Save 30%

Speaking of bug splats, they can be tricky to get off your bike once they're baked on. This spray from Motul is formulated to cut through.

Save 35%

Price: £9.75 (was £15.99)
Another protectant spray, this time from Muc-Off. Even though there's no salt to protect against, it'll stop corrosion and make the job of cleaning easier, too.

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