Tucano Urbano launch two new affordable airbag vests with emergency call functionality

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Italian urban riding specialists Tucano Urbano are looking to make city dwellers safer, and airbag technology more affordable, with a new range of vests featuring emergency call integration.

The Airscud Flex and Airscud Flex Lady are produced in collaboration with airbag specialists In&Motion, with the emergency call function supplied by Liberty Rider. Designed to be a simple and easy safety aid, the Italian brand hopes it will reduce the number of riders seen whizzing across city centres in no protective kit in summery conditions.

“With the new Airscud Flex, we want to continue the airbag revolution that we started in 2021,” Marketing Director, Florian Martin said. “Our cities are still too full, especially in summer, of motorcyclists riding without any protection, completely unaware of the dangers posed by trams, cobblestones, curbs, potholes.” 

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To maximise the attractiveness to urban riders, the vests will retail at an affordable €299.99 and are both ventilated and washable. Development work with Mandelli LAB was also incorporated in a bid to make sure that the vests fit with both male and female body shapes.

“Our mission is to save lives by democratising the airbag as much as possible,” In&Motion CEO Rémi Thomas said. “That’s why we aim to continuously improve our technology levels, maintaining ongoing dialogue with our experts, engineers, doctors, and technicians who shape our protection systems daily. Furthermore, with Tucano Urbano, we have managed to create our first, and for now, only women’s airbag system.”

Tucano Urbano Airscud Flex airbag inflator

Safety first

The airbags are said to have been produced following data analysis from over 200 million kilometres of riding, and in excess of 10,000 motorcycle accidents. What’s more the vests also feature seven sensors and three accelerometers, as well as three gyroscopes and a GPS unit – helping the device to know exactly where the rider is in relation to the motorcycle.

Using the latest algorithms from In&Motion, these data points are measured 1000 times every second, with the device activating in 60 milliseconds if necessary – protecting the chest, abdomen, neck, and spine.

The actual detonation decision is controlled via the removable In&Box, which is essentially the brain of the product and houses all of the sensors the system uses. It can be operated for up to 30 hours continuously and requires a recharge of between two and three hours.

The Tucano Urbano Airscud Flex airbag can be worn under casual clothes

Although customers will purchase the vest, the brains can be rented separately using a subscription service. Prices will then vary, depending on the algorithm and riding styles chosen, and can also be purchased outright, should you so wish.

Calling for help

On top of a quick inflation time, the Tucano Urbano kit also uses an integrated emergency call system, which is run by Liberty Rider.

Once an incident has taken place, the system is able to geolocate the rider and automatically call for help via the In&Box mobile phone app. This is included in your subscription price for the brain.

Scooter rider using a Tucano Urbano Airscud Flex airbag

Familiar face

If In&Motion sound familiar to you, it’s because the French airbag brand have collaborated with a number of top riding kit brands to supply inflatable tech. Other brands include Held, RST, Furygan, Ixon, Klim, and more.

Versatile protection

The vests have been CE certified in Class C as an oversuit, and can be worn under a backpack weighing up to 8kg. Outside pockets also provide an extra degree of practicality.

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