MCN Fleet: No pain, plenty of gain on Yamaha XSR900

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I’m fed up with people looking longingly at my accessorised Yamaha XSR900 and then muttering: “Looks good but it must be really uncomfortable.”

So I decided enough was enough and embarked on a two-day trip as part of the MCN Awards rideout and ceremony to find out the hard way if the XSR had in fact become ‘a good-looking burden’.

Although the dropbars do lean you forwards, it’s fairly natural to sit back on your haunches and take the weight off your wrists. The rearsets are adjustable so I’d given myself some extra legroom. After the first stint of 120 miles there were no problems although the hot day was making it tough going.

Another 50 miles on and one of my fellow riders pointed out a sticking-on the rear brake light; a tweak with a screwdriver and all was fine.

The tank range seems a little stingy and I’d be filling up every 120 miles, but not a big deal. The following morning saw another 150 miles under the bike’s belt and I must admit when I finally stepped off I did feel a bit achy. But I don’t think it was worse than any other bike covering that sort of distance.

I’m still waiting for an aftermarket screen to arrive which I think will tidy up the front of the bike and help with comfort further.

Overall, I’m happy that the XSR is not a good bike spoiled!