Bike accessory advice: Raising the back

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Q. I’ve got a 1990 Yamaha FZR1000 as a budget bike to get back into riding again and I want to lift the rear end.

Where can I get some suspension dog bones/tie bars to do this, and how will it affect the handling? I also want to give myself a better tyre choice and swap to a 17-inch on the rear.

I know you’ll think the easiest solution is to change my bike, but I like the twin headlights and the way the power comes in at 7000 revs and I cannot run to a Fireblade or an R1 yet.

Gary Irvine, Doncaster

A. We understand that the swingarm, wheel and brake from the FZR1000RU Exup model will slot into the frame of your bike with little or no modification.

That would give you a 17 inch rear rim and could lift the rear end to your satisfaction.

If you still want to experiment with different tie bars, either NWS (01992-501285) or Maxton (01928-740531) can provide the bits you are looking for.

NWS will only supply alternatives if they are flat, but once they got the dimensions they can produce a pair for about £50. Maxton charge £40 per pair from stock, and £90-100 if they are one-offs.

Lifting the rear end alters the rake of the forks and speeds up the steering with a lighter feel. Go too far and it’ll make the bike unstable, so make these changes one step at a time

Chris Dabbs

By Chris Dabbs