Tyre advice: Can I fit tubeless tyres to my bike?

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Q. I am about to replace the Metzeler ME22 on the front of my MZ250, with an apparently identical replacement.

I say ‘apparently’, because the current tyre says, in tiny letters, “Tube Type”, whilst the replacement tyre has an equally tiny “Tubeless ” marking.

My bike has spoked wheels, leaving me with no choice but to use an inner tube. I presume the manufacturers have only a shrinking demand for ‘ tubed’ tyres, and now concentrate on more modern versions.

Whilst clearly not ideal, is it still safe to use a tube in a Tubeless outer carcass, at speeds below 70mph?

Since the new combination is obviously stiffer than the current fitting, should I reduce the tyre pressure, by say 2psi, to approximate to the more flexible original arrangement?

Geoff Trewell, email
A. Metzeler do still carry a tubed version of this tyre. You are looking for the right IP codes, which are IP0113600 for the front, IP0114400 for the rear as well as TT or TL.

If you do fit the tubeless variety the major problem will be that the tyres will generate more heat which will cause them to wear faster though the MZ’s modest performance should help minimise the effect.

There isn’t much difference in structure between the two types of tyres’ construction.

What is different is the different material laid on the inside of the tubeless tyre to keep the air in.

So I’d try reducing the tyre pressures by a couple of psi to counteract the greater heat build-up and when you come to replace the tyres again look out for the IP numbers.

Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott