Technical advice: Aprilia RSV sidestand trouble

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Q. My 1999 Aprilia RSV is a stonking bike. It is an absolute joy in all respects except for the sidestand. The stand, when down, results in the bike standing almost vertical. A suicidal position which has already resulted in the bike falling over. Please can you advise me of a any modifications I might make or are there any kits that I could use to replace/modify the original?
Tony Alston, e-mail

A. The normal problems on the RSV stand are that the bike leans over too far, either because the sidestand bracket bolts are coming loose, or the copper bush on the pivot has worn. But you say your bike stands too tall, in which case I’d take a look at the rear shock. It could be that the spring is tired after seven years of hard use, or you’ve got the preload backed off so much that it’s letting the bike settle so much that it ends up teetering on the brink. 

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Chris Dabbs

By Chris Dabbs