Technical advice: Stop your bike backfiring

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Q. Mh Honda VT750C Ace has had a backfiring problem for the 3000 miles I’ve owned it. All Bran sorted a similar personal problem and I was wondering if you had a cure? It runs fine and the plugs look normal.

It happens more on a gentle overrun, like slowing down to exit a motorway, but also sometimes under brisk engine braking when it’s a single, loud bang.

As I do a lot of touring through the back roads of France, I have probably woken up most of the village populations from Cherbourg to Toulouse and would like to try and sort it for their sakes.

Phil Duncombe, e-mail

A. It sounds like there is too much fuel getting into the combustion chambers at low revs and the excess is escaping into the exhaust system where it’s getting ignited. Get the float heights checked and the carbs balanced.

If you don’t have the tools for the job it will take about an hour at your dealer.

Chris Dabbs

By Chris Dabbs