Clothing advice: Carrying a helmet while riding

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Q) I want to get a rucksack for wearing while on my bike.

It doesn’t need to be very large normally but, I need something that can hold a lid for short periods of time, just a run across town.

I occasionally take a lid over to a friends house when I pick them up for a ride and I always struggle to transport my spare helmet.
If you’re transporting a helmet for any sort of distance then I’d suggest a cargo net to go over the pillion seat.

Motrax sell them for under £5 and it means you don’t carry that weight on your back.

And if you’re still interested in a rucksack then you’ll do no better than a Kriega. They’re specifically designed for use on a bike.

The best feature is an acroos the chest harness so when you’re riding the weight is carried across your whole upper body, rather than carrying all the weight on your shoulders.

The smallest capacity Kriega is the R15 (15 stands for 15L carrying capacity) which retails at £55 from

Rob Hull

By Rob Hull