Suspension advice: Make your bike steer quicker

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Q. I love the power and suspension on my Yamaha Fazer 1000. However my previous bike was a Honda VRFR800 and it was much easier to put into bends while fast direction changes were a joy.

The front springs on the Fazer have been replaced with Ohlins progressive springs and the standard rear shock is set up quite hard, but it’s much more difficult to get into the bends and a lot of forceful countersteering is required.

Are there any simple changes I can make to the steering geometry?

Brian Smithers, email

A. The stiffer fork springs mean the bike is riding higher at the front end which will slow the steering down more than standard.

If you push the forks 6-7mm up through the yokes it will turn a lot sweeter. Don’t be tempted to go to 10mm, as the effect will be to make it less stable on the brakes.

You may also find it will start to run wide mid-turn because you have put too much weight on the front and it can’t turn sharply enough.

Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott