Kit: Finding motorcycle clothing for large riders

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Q. I’ve jsut passed my test and I’m eager to get going, but I’m stumbling across a few problems finding kit to fit.

I’m of the oversized group and I am finding it very hard to find the gear I need in my size.

I know I have a few options, like go on a crash diet, but it seem like hard work to me. I am probably needing 5 plus xl-ish give or take a size or two.

Peter Garside, Greater Manchester

A. We know that Fieldsheer used to do larger sized clothing, they are distributed by Bickers and the website is

The other option would be to have leathers/clothing tailor-made. Companies such as Hideout,, and Crowtree, are two well-known firms. It obviously involves more expense, but what price comfort.

Try for a timeless colourscheme too as you’ll keep these leathers for years.

Chris Dabbs

By Chris Dabbs