Suspension advice: Yamaha 2003 R1

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Q. I’m experiencing problems with the back end of my standard 2003 Yamaha R1.
I’ve been doing a few trackdays recently and am perfectly happy with the suspension set-up I have, it turns great and can be corrected mid-corner while on its ear with no problems at all. My only gripe is when hard on the brakes, the back end snakes like mad. I know I can brake even harder and later but have no confidence with all this wiggling going on. What should I do?
John  Bachelor, Enfield

A. With six years under its belt your R1’s suspension has probably softened up considerably, so you should freshen up your suspension with new fork springs and oil and a rear shock overhaul when funds allow. Try MC Tecnics on 01449-777161.

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Chris Dabbs

By Chris Dabbs