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Each officer carries both a pager and a cellphone along with a radio headset which can switch between different frequencies. You can speak bike-to-bike or to dispatch back at headquarters. This radio unit is connected by a ” pony tail ” (jack connector) to the officer’s helmet. For protection they also carry a 40-calibre Smith & Wesson semi-automatic pistol with extra magazines of ammunition, plus a can of pepper spray which can be used to immobilise a difficult suspect. Handcuffs are carried around the back of the belt, along with a torch. There is also a ring for holding a police baton for when they’re off the bike.

BMW R1100 RT-P

Power, torque

90bhp, 68ftlb


282kg (620lb)

Top speed


Acceleration (0-60mph)


Fuel consumption



Air-cooled 1085cc (99mmx70.5mm) horizontally-opposed

Boxer flat twin. Five gears

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