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Japan: What? You’re only getting one knee down on each corner? You can’t be trying. Check out our picture. Now look again. There’s only one bloke on that bike, and he’s riding side saddle! This example was demonstrated in a Japanese bike magazine. Well, this is the country that gave us Endurance.

Home: It’s no wonder Triumph has been so secretive about its latest bike if the forthcoming Harry Potter film is to be believed it features the debut of a flying Bonneville! Sadly for British bikers under the spell of potholes, banzai drivers and diesel spills, it’s still just a flight of fancy.

Born-again rider Mick Wiltshire fancied reliving his youth and found nostalgia is exactly how it used to be when he came across the bike he sold 28 years earlier. He bought back the Suzuki GT550 for £400, £50 more than he got for it in 1973!

Thailand: A 38-year-old rider was arrested after wheelieing away from the lights but not because of his antics on the road (anyone who’s been in Bangkok traffic will tell you that’s pretty sedate stuff). Instead, he was charged with stealing more than 100 pairs of ladies’ knickers from a department store to feed his pantie fetish. He was caught when a pair of smalls was spotted falling from his pocket.

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