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We got the opinions of the British contingent who were riding the Ring:

Andy Blackman, Hampshire, Ducati 916:

” This is my first time and I’ve come with mates. I like it here because you can use the performance of your bike, but be more relaxed than you would on a normal road. You do start to lose concentration because it’s so long, though. It goes on forever. ”

Mark Smith, Hampshire, Yamaha R1:

” This is my third visit in twelve months. I’m addicted. I love the challenge of putting in a consistent 14-mile lap. It’s also an opportunity to ride to my full potential without getting a speeding ticket. ”

Wilson Archer, Northern Ireland, Honda Fireblade:

” I’ve been going to track days at Donington for three years and never got my knee down, but on my first visit here I did it. It’s awesome. I’d planned to go on three track days in the UK in the next twelve months, but I’m cancelling them all to come back here next summer. ”

Glenn Withers, London, Honda VTR1000 Firestorm:

” Anyone who rides a bike should come here. It’s the challenge of riding the perfect corner. I came with the Honda UK Rider’s Club. It costs £580, but it was a treat to myself. I’m going to treat myself a lot more often in the future. ”

Laraine Danielwicz, London, Honda CBR400:

” This is my first visit and I’m already obsessed. I scared myself on the first lap when I ran on he grass. It’s a dodgy track to learn and I’m a slow learner, but there are lots of British guys happy to help out and show you the way round. ”

Chris Own, Surrey, Honda VTR1000 SP1:

” This is my tenth visit and every time I learn a lot about myself and the bike. Yesterday it was wet and there was no better place to learn the limits of the tyres. I spend a lot of time in the Isle of Man and this knocks it into a cocked hat because there’s nothing coming the other way. ”

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff