Motorists and mobiles: your view

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The news that the Government has decided against legislation that would outlaw the use of mobile phones by motorists on the move has sparked a furious debate in our News talk boards.

david w reckons that the use of a mobile phone is part of modern life: ” ” I spend quite a bit of time on the phone in the car (using one of those crap hands-free kits), but I am aware that it is a distraction. What do you do though? I drive 25,000 miles a year on business. ”

orpheus argues: ” So david w, if you knocked off and killed a biker whilst on the phone you would be happy with the excuse: “What do you do though? I drive 25,000 miles a year on business” …I think not. No business is worth risking an accident over. ”

sprag says that the Government is using the idea that any ban would be unenforceable as an excuse to do nothing; ” the filth can’t enforce a law against mobile phone use in cars, the t**ts are too busy going after bikes with small number plates and loud cans. ”

What do you think the answer is? Click on the link on the right to read the original story and to leave you views on whether it can ever be safe to use a mobile phone on the move.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff