Celebrities fail to impress

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It seems celebrity bikers are the least popular people to chat with at red lights.

A survey of 300 bikers by insurance firm Bennetts revealed 60% of riders would least want to chat with a celebrity they didn’t like. That beats ‘my mum’ with 20%, ‘my vicar or priest’ on 10%, and ‘my former head teacher with 9%. Despite the cost of bikes, only 2% didn’t want to come face to face with their bank manager, and only 1% would be unhappy to find their son or daughter on a bike.

” We feel this antipathy towards celebrity bikers is symptomatic of the attitude of riders towards what is not a hobby for them, but a passion. Many bikers only want people to take to two wheels if they have a love for biking, not because it’s fashionable, ” said Bennetts group chief exec, Peter Winslow.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff