Watch out for mums on the school run

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It’s worth taking extra care if you notice kids in the back of a car, but for your own safety, according to a study by car glass firm Autoglass

Four in five mothers (79%) regularly take their eyes off the road to deal with kids, reveals the study, with 69% regularly breaking speed limits, and over half (54%) jumping red lights.

Ferrying children about, means a typical mum makes 28 car journeys with her kids per week, meaning almost 19 million car journeys across Britain every day. With seven out of ten admitting they get so distracted their driving is unsafe, it’s no wonder one in four have been in an accident.

And half admit to driving aggressively, with 40% cutting up other vehicles. With the added fact half admit to chatting on their mobiles when they are driving, ” Kids on Board ” stickers will be more of a warning to other road users than ever.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff