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MAG is calling on bike riders to lobby their MEPs, MPs and the Secretary of State for Transport, Alistair Darling to head off a new set of stringent anti-motorcycle Euro regulations.

They fear the new rules are aimed at reducing the numbers of us coming into biking – because that’s an easy way of cutting accident rates.

The Motorcycle Action Group says this is a: “prime example of bewildering over-regulation in an effort to cut motorcycle accidents,” and points out that the European Commission has now set itself an accident reduction target of 50% in its 3rd Road Safety Action Plan.

A spokesman said: “By 2011 the cost of obtaining a motorcycle licence will be out of the reach of young riders and the contribution that motorcycles can make to the reduction of congestion and environmental protection will be reduced.”

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MAG’s Director Of Public Affairs Trevor Baird says, “The whole process of the directive can be seen as a philosophical approach that tougher testing and training will reduce accidents simply by reducing the numbers of motorcyclists.”

He added: “We are approaching the stage where the motorcycle community may have to say to Europe “enough is enough”, we will not compromise further on our position, and call for the removal of the motorcycle part of the directive.

“To put it bluntly those legislators and politicians who act on the European citizens’ behalf must take note of the motorcycling community’s concerns and recognise that they will be held accountable for their actions.

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