MAG at war to save bikes

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MAG has declared ‘total war’ on the Eurocrats who they say are set on removing bikes from the road.

The Motorcycle Action Group is moving after the European Commission nodded through a Euro licence on Monday. See links below, right.


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The rider’s rights group says the motorcycle part of the directive will mean that:

The minimum age for riding bikes over 125cc/11kW but less than 35kW rises from 17 to 19.

The minimum age for riding bikes of over 35kW rises to 21.

For Progressive Access there will be rigid two-year steps between categories A1 (Light Motorcycle), A2 (less than 35kW Motorcycle) and A (Unlimited Motorcycle).

Riders will be required to take either a minimum number of hours of training or a practical motorcycle test to progress from each category.

For Direct Access where riders can train and test to qualify for over 35kW motorcycles the minimum age will rise from 21 to 24. With a possible derogation upwards on age from 24 by member states, (To be confirmed)

Minimum Test Vehicle specifications will not be democratically decided and may include minimum engine capacities of 600cc for category A2 and 800cc for category A.

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MAG says: “The latest EU decision on motorcycle licensing has shown the bureaucrats in their true colours. This is total war!”

”They want bikes off the road. The safety bureaucrats have become target obsessed, setting accident reduction targets using statistics that are baloney. They have totally lost a sense of balance between riders’ reasonable expectations for mobility and the prevention of accidents.”

European Commission Vice President Jacques Barrot said, “We have 6% more deaths since the year 2000 caused by motorbikes. We have to take very targeted action there.”

But MAG says research shows the primary blame for accidents with motorcycles and other vehicles lies with the other vehicle driver at least 40% of the time. Yet, says MAG, the directive does not address car drivers via the licensing “regime” for these vehicles.

A spokesman said it was time for action: “We have to be more determined to preserve biking than they are to destroy it. We are now engaged in a game of survival of the most determined and the European Commission is going to learn how determined MAG is.”

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff