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I purchased a set of Motografix number boards for my Yamaha R6 a few weeks ago. What a great peice of kit, it really makes the bike look racey as well as protecting it from stone chips.

Well after a week they started to peel off. Concerned, as they’re not cheap, I contacted their service team by e-mail and included some pics of what the problem was. After two days of nothing I got an e-mail saying that the tech team had looked at the situation and say it was my fault as I may not have cleaned the area properly before sticking them on.

As the letter read on they said as they were unsure of who or what was in the wrong, they would send a new set of boards as a kind gesture after I’d spent a load of cash in the first place!

I mean, WOW! How often does that happen? I’d just like to thank the guys at Motografix for everything. They are great and it just goes to show that there are still some decent bike accessory companies in the UK.

Andrew Beer

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By Andrew Beer