Urban trials riding

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Two French trial riders have taken inspiration from BMX riders and skateboarders and trials riding into a fast-paced discipline ridden on city streets and skate parks.

‘Free-riding’ uses lightweight competition trials bikes, but instead of the usual off-road or indoor sections made up of obstacles, free riders search for deserted night time city environments with features such as steps, walls, handrails and even bridges to pull off mad BMX-style tricks.  

The sport was started in France by French trials champ Julien Dupont and two-time US trials champion Fred Crosset, who wanted more than organised trial sections and competitions can offer. 

He said: “People who direct trials competitions make it just for experts and that is where they are going wrong! 

“I am just trying to make trials more fun, freer and with a bit of madness for riders.”

The pair have released a DVD of their exploits, “Out of Section” – a clip can be seen here.