7-mile diesel spill spotted in Leics

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I have seen the largest diesel spill ever, it runs for 7 miles from Barrow upon Soar to Woodhouse in Leicestershire.

This is part of the route for my daily commute to work and every left hand bend was awash with fuel. The closer I got to work the worse it got and to my disbelief it actually started on the industrial estate on which I work.

I took it upon myself to speak to the owner of the bus company, but they really did not care until I mentioned that I was going to report it to the police at which point they begged me not to. I was then told that I would be forced off the premises if I didn’t leave of my own accord.

Anyway I made the call to the police who said they would get the highways department to mop it up. But when I went back out at lunchtime to see if anything had been done, you guessed it, it was still there.

Come on authorities do your job and put these idiots off the road or will we have to wait for another fatality to happen?

The photo shows the road at the start of the leak and the first bend going out of the industrial estate. God help us if it rains.


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