A question of height

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My girlfriend has enjoyed 3 wonderful years of motorcycling on her Suzuki 400 bandit which she got after she passed her test.

Now she has decided that its time to step up onto something a bit bigger and thought a Yamaha Fazer would ideal. So off we went to are local Yamaha dealer here in Belfast were we looked at a 2005 Fazer 600 fitted with a lowering kit.

My girlfriend could get both feet flat on the ground and was very impressed by the bike overall. As you would not buy something before you tried it she politely asked the sales man would it be possible to have a test ride?

To which the sales man bluntly said ‘NO because you are to short and I don’t think you could handle the bike’.

My girlfriend and I were totally taken back by his comment and my girlfriend was really embarrassed. Now I can’t get her to go near another show room to look for a new bike.

Motorcycle dealerships should be encouraging female bikers not making fun of them. How are we expected to encourage more females to take up biking when are main dealers have attitudes like this.

P.S Here is a nice picture of my girlfriend on her 400 Bandit.

Ryan Fegan

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By Ryan Fegan