Richard Brunstrom’s strange claims

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North Wales top police officer Richard Brunstrom makes a series of road safety claims that seem to contradict Government evidence in his latest blog rant. 

Brunstrom claims ‘speeding, drink driving and failure to wear seat belts’ are the ‘biggest cause of death’ on the roads. He refers to people who disagree with his ‘evidence’ as ‘flat earthers’.

In fact Government research states the most common contributory factor in fatal collisions is ‘loss of control’ followed by ‘failed to look properly’ and ‘travelling too fast for conditions’.

Exceeding the speed limit is in fifth place and alcohol impairment ninth.  

Brunstrom says of those who disagree with him: ‘Just deny the facts, loudly, and keep repeating the denial like a mantra; the media love the controversy and the real picture often gets obscured.’

See Brunstrom’s blog here:

And the Government contributory factors table on page 40 here:

North Wales Police would not comment.


Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell