Mad man wants to ban bikes

So this Swedish guy wants to ban motocycles,

I presume that’s Police bikes – the ones that can get to an accident scene or crime scene in major cities much quicker than a car or perhaps paramedics. The ones that can get to a heart attack victim quicker than an ambulance when the survival window is literaly critical.

Then there’s the bikes that transport stars around cities to get them to appointments on time.

Oh – I forgot. What about all the people in the motorcycle industry, not just producing bikes but parts, accessories, clothing etc, I presume there will be compensation for them – Yeah right.

Lets work in the other direction. lets say that whenever possible car drivers must ride a bike for one year before they drive a car! They will then ‘think bike’.

And as for the proposition that bikers should pay for their accidents well I presume that the car drivers that hit them will also be charged with the expenses


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