Unleaded petrol prices go down again at the supermarket

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Bikers will be pleased to hear that the petrol price war is continuing at supermarkets as a further four pence was slashed off fuel yesterday.

Last week Asda dropped the price of their fuel by 3p a litre and have now knocked a further 2p off the price of unleaded fuel and 4p off diesel leaving them at 111.9p and 124.9p respectively.

Morrisons, and Tesco have followed the trend by cutting 2p off unleaded petrol, while both stores have also knocked 4p a litre off diesel.

Sainsbury’s are set to be the next supermarket to follow suit by cutting up to 3p a litre off unleaded whilst their diesel is set to cost 4p less from today.

Industry figures state that the average cost of unleaded petrol is 116.6p per litre, ranging from 110.9 to 131.9 in some places.

Sarah Carnell

By Sarah Carnell