Ode to an R6

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The car sits outside, looking sporty and fun and in the back of my mind I’m thinking ‘Will it still run?’.

The oil light is on and the bonnet is broke, I can’t reach the catch – this is my only hope,

So I turn to my side, to see a beast kept in chains, my brand new R6 seems fed up of these games,

Will it rain or wont it, I cannot decide, but the sound of its engine made my eyes open wide, 

So I threw off the cover, the car can just DIE, its tax is extortion and insurance too high!

In a moment I was Rossi, Melandri and co. looking through my visor thinking ‘Where shall I go?’

Work was an option; in fact the only one, but not before the tyres are warm and the petrol light comes on,

I’ll take the long way round, through valleys and twisty turns, Mid-Wales roads are beautiful for this – just smell as the rubber burns,

The clock is ticking faster than it normally seems to go, typical when I’m having fun throwing the R6 to and fro,

So I turned as the clouds got darker, good job I’m a teacher by day, there’s plenty of room at the back of my class to park the R6 in its bay!

Just move across the welder, the blow torch and a stool, and there it sits in all its glory – the R6 is in school!

Engineering is my subject, and the kids will love to learn, just why Mr Gallier rides to work and why his tyres burn!

Keith Gallier

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By Keith Gallier